Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding) Refill Packs

kumihimo japanese braid You can re-use your Kumihimo disc over and over again and make numerous braids. I have yet to wear one out or throw it away.

After being asked by many happy owners of my Kumihimo Kit, I decided to offer a Kumihimo Refill Pack. I wanted to include some of the fun fibers I've enjoyed making braids with over the last few years..

The Kumihimo Refill pack includes Hemp in all 5 colors (Black, Khaki, Red, Blue and Natural), some fancy/fun fur, and best of all, some hand-spun Alpaca from a local farm in North Bend, WA.

I decided not to include River Silk Ribbon to keep the cost down. Besides, after braiding with River Silk Ribbon, most of my customers end up buying one of the 20 spool combo packs.

The Alpaca yarn is hand-spun by my young friend Kira from her family's Alpacas. There's Hugo (thick, blonde), Mulan (soft, fawn), Cypress (course, white) and Heavenly (coarse, brown). Can't guarantee which Alpaca yarn you'll get, but they are all beautiful and add a wonderful texture to the braids.

You will need to be careful when braiding with Alpaca to not pull too hard or the yarn will separate. If it does, you can push it back together and carefully braid it back into place. This is where you'll apprciate the soft foam disc. I would not want to attempt braiding Alpaca with any other disc.

I strongly recommend you get some River Silk Ribbon to include in your braids as well. Check out our many combo packs and pick colors you like.

In case you lost the braiding instructions that came with your original Kumihimo Kit, just click here for some detailed braiding instructions.

alpaca kumihimo japanese braidKumihimo Refill Pack

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